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World Language Distinguished Scholars – World Language Week 2020

Posted on April 7, 2020

The Nebraska Department of Education is honoring sixty World Language Distinguished Scholars from around the state during World Language Week 2020. The World Language Distinguished Scholar Award recognizes Nebraska students for their leadership in language learning, commitment to language study, appreciation for cultural diversity, and communicative competence. Students were nominated by their teachers and then completed a submission portfolio.

Nishi Singh was born in India and already bilingual before beginning to study Spanish. She has a huge appreciation for learning different languages. Nishi exemplifies commitment to learning always seeking the next step and how she can improve with the language such as looking up synonyms of words and reading in the target language outside of normal coursework. She clearly wants to excel in the language. Nishi is also very helpful to others and often tutors or supports others in class. She is inclusive to all students regardless of their abilities, patient in learning and participation. Her language skills are certainly strong but so is her appreciation for other cultures. Long interested in US culture, she now is able to make comparisons and discuss differences from India, Spanish-speaking countries, and the US.

“Language learning gives an opening into seeing how other people interact. It’s an opportunity to respect diversity and culture by attempting to bring more attention to it.” Nishi Singh


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