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Conference Track Meet Results

Posted on May 13, 2019

A big congratulations for the Boys 7th Grade Team for taking 1st place out of 10 teams at the Conference Meet. Congratulations to the following male athletes for placing at the Conference Track meet on Friday:

7th Grade Boys:

Preston Okafor: 2nd place in High Jump

Broc Regner: 5th place in Shot Put

Kyler Seaman: 2nd Place Long Jump

Luke Noameshie: 3rd Place Long Jump

4×800 relay (Audric Bermel, Kyler Seaman, Teddy Rezac, Evan Agulla) 2nd place

Paul Fiamaple: 1st place Hurdles

Preston Okafor: 3rd place 100m dash

Kyler Seaman: 5th place Mile

Brody Goc: 6th Place 400m dash

4x100m relay (Paul Fiamaple, Audric Bermel, Luke Noameshie, Preston Okafor), 2nd place

4x400m relay (Trevor Spady, Kyler Seaman, Luke Noameshie, Preston Okafor), 2nd place.


8th Grade Boys:

Ty Keifer: 2nd place Long Jump

Ty Dingman: 6th place Long Jump

Wesley Okafor: 2nd place High Jump

JT Evans: 3rd Place High Jump

4x800m relay: (Nathan Carlson, Andy Stokes, Charlie Cox, Dominic Vincentini) 5th place

Andy Stokes: 5th place Mile

4x100m relay: (Wesley Okafor, Ty Keifer, Conner Jochum, Kane Warren) 4th Place

Girls School Records:
  • Ava Paulson – beat school record in 1600m run with a time of 5:46.30
  • CeCe Gerard – set new school record in 1600m run with a time of 5:44.57
  • Charlotte Murphy – set new school record in 400m dash with a time of 1:03.30
  • Rylee Christiansen – tied school record in high jump with a height at 4-10.00
Girls Placing in Top 4 at Conference (medal winners)
  • (8) Charlotte Murphy – 1st Place 200m, 1st Place 400m, 2nd Place hurdles, 3rd Place 100m
  • (8) Ava Paulson – 2nd Place 1600m
  • (8) Rylee Christiansen – 2nd Place high jump
  • (8) Jenna Brown – 3rd Place long jump
  • (7) CeCe Gerard – 2nd Place 1600m, 4th Place 800m
  • (7) Olivia Elbert – 2nd Place 400m, 4th Place 4x400m
  • (7) Heike Lowe – 4th Place 1600m
  • (7) Chloe Haberman – 4th Place 4x400m, 4th Place 4x800m
  • (7) Kailie Kaufman – 4th Place 4x800m
  • (7) Aubrey LeClair – 4th Place 4x800m
  • (7) Sammy Marvin – 4th Place 4x800m
  • (7) Bridgitte Westbrook – 4th Place 4x400m
  • (7) Julia Maaske – 4th Place 4x400m

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