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Genius Time Spotlight

Posted November 1, 2018
Students in the Makeup Genius Time Group have been busy learning from the professional. Tyler, a student at Westside High School who works at Sephora, came and did a makeup tutorial on one of our group members and he talked about his role at Sephora. Mary Jane, who is a student in the group, had her mom come and do a tutorial on costume style/gore make up.  The group loved seeing pictures of looks that Mary Jane and her mom have done in the past.
In the Interior Design Design Genius Time Group, students have chosen various design projects to work on and are very enthusiastic about their projects. Some are using computer design apps and others are creating actual mood boards.
The Jazz to K-Pop Genius Group students are working on composing their own original songs.
The Acting Genius Time Group is working on performing a play they have adapted.  This play centers around a school that is in lockdown.  The students do not yet know if it is a real intruder or a drill. They are also working on a student-written soap opera. The performance is named “Murder on Prom Night.”
Students in the Horses Genius Group visited the barn to learn about horse care, grooming, rescue and tack. Jeanette, the horse trainer, and Zip the horse were so patient with these excited 13 and 14 year olds!
It’s the Law Genius Group is working on preparing a brochure about the juvenile justice system.
Mrs. Bolamperti’s Photography Genius Time Group is really learning about photography!  This group has searched online for photography tips and shared them amongst the group. Community members presenting to our group in the last few weeks include:  Mark Graeve, former Westside student and photography expert at Rockbrook Camera; Abi Sterling, WMS Teacher and owner of A. Sterling Photography; Steve, former Westside student and co-owner of Mervin Reese Photography; Debra Kaplan, photographer, including many Westside events and retired Westside teacher.  They have learned so much from these photography professionals and are preparing posters and creating a collaborative slide presentation with our favorite images and a demonstration of our learning.
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