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Genius Time Culminating Event

Posted November 20, 2018

The WMS Genius Time Culminating Event took place on November 20. During this event, students showed off the projects that they work on over the course of 9 weeks. Community members were invited to attend this event.

Students in the Baking Genius Group chose to do a bake off and record a video. Ms. Raabe, their Genius Time Facilitator, was a guest judge in their video.

The Let’s Build Genius Group made cutting boards.

The Patio Design/Landscape Genius Group designed two outdoor classrooms/learning spaces. 8th grade selected the area outside between 8C/8D and the cafeteria; 7th grade selected the sensory courtyard between the main office and 7A/7B.


The Westside Triathlon Genius Group had their Fun Run on Saturday, November 17th. They had a great turnout of 16 Runners, 2 Dogs, 1 Stroller, and 5 Course Volunteers!


Students Kylia Wilberforce and Kylesha Smith presented their Games for Kids as apart of the Babysitting Genius Time Group. They created a cardboard town, putt-putt golf, and a car to use as a drive-in movie, complete with a tray for holding the popcorn.


In the LEGO Genius Time students created several sculptures: the Warrior W, a scene from Jurassic World, robots, a cabin, and imaginative vehicles! All were on display during the Genius Time Culminating Event. Students continued to build new sculptures during the event.


The Own Your Own Business Genius Group pitched their ideas to WHS Marketing students.

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