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Westside Middle School

Academic Teams

One of the most important philosophies behind middle level education is teaming.  Teaming is the best way to connect with students.  We know that students who are placed on caring and academically challenging teams experience greater success.

At Westside Middle School, students are placed onto teams that share a common English, Math, Social Studies, and Science teacher. Each year, teams come up with a name and design a banner.  Our community club members create the banners which in turn are displayed in the main hallway.  These banners symbolize belonging for each student within the middle school.

Seventh Grade Teams

7A Spartans

Shawna Tate – Science (Team Leader)

Jessie Kent – Math

April Allen – Social Studies

Elizabeth Germonprez – Language Arts

Shelby Sedlacek – Language Arts

Lucas Apfelbeck – Special Education


7B Knights

Kevin Stricklett – Social Studies

Kris Gambaiana – Science

Lisa Butler – Math (Co-Team Leader)

Carroll Steiner – Language Arts

Tina Christiansen – Language Arts

Emily Vlcek – Special Education (Co-Team Leader)



7C Chargers

Megan Albers – Special Education (Team Leader)

Vicki Tomlinson– Math

Laura Mann – Language Arts

Cindy Case – Language Arts

Liz Glinski – Language Arts

Lisa Martin – Science

Kim Johnson – Social Studies


7D Avengers

Zohra Sahak – Social Studies (Team Leader)

Becky Lowther – Science

Abby Burk – Math

Liz Meyers – Language Arts

Cindy Case – Language Arts

Jennifer Dowd – Language Arts


Eighth Grade Teams

8A Patriots

Liddy Mahacek – Special Education (Team Leader)

Ian Peterson – Science

Faren Huben – Math

Lance Mosier – American History

Megan Deras – Language Arts


8B Explorers

Hans Holzen – Science

Jack Sortino – Math

Jessica Kaasch – American History (Team Leader)

Tiffany Opperman – Language Arts

Vicki Dorris – Special Education


8C Gladiators

Bruce Zabel – American History (Team Leader)

Dan Hoffmann – Science

Jennifer Redden – Math

Mikayla Baker – Language Arts

Guy O’Brien – Special Education


8D Innovators

Holly Weeks – American History (Team Leader)

Mark Durante – Science

Laura Schaben – Math

John Horton – Language Arts

Melissa Scheidt – Special Education

Keery Wolf – Special Education


Encore 7

Kristeen Shabram – Business & Technology/Team Leader

Crystal Bolamperti  – Business & Technology

Kalen Carlson  – Business & Technology

Virgie Widdowson  – PE

Jake Hoover  – PE

Dave Vallinch  – PE

Deb Saetveit – Librarian

Matt Sheppard  – Band

Nick Djernes – Vocal Music


Encore 8

Angie Madsen – Reading (Team Leader)

Ann Kauffman  – World Language (French)

Cindy Royer – Art

Jon Pingel – Art

Ginger Starks-Yoble – World Language (German)

Kelly Schultz – World Language (Spanish)

Marie Murillo – World Language (Spanish)

Steve Clark – PE

Melissa Jackson – PE

Kristen Raabe – Family Consumer Science

Jackie Ryan – Family Consumer Science


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