No school November 22-November 26. Happy Thanksgiving!
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Thanksgiving Door Decorating Contest

This year WMS Student Council is sponsoring monthly homeroom competitions! For November, students decorated their class door in Thanksgiving themes. The winners were: 7A: K. Shabram 7B: Christiansen 7C: Case 7D: Meyers 8A: Sigillito 8B: Holzen 8C: Pingel 8D: Schaben Christiansen’s class took overall 1st for 7th grade and Schaben’s won for overall 8th grade. Congratulations to all the winners!


UNO Pre-Service Dance Teachers Visit WMS

In Ms. Royer and Ms. Job’s Yearbook class, students are taking their theme to a whole new level. They worked with UNO pre-service dance teachers to really think about what their theme means and represents. The students learned to think differently about a static object using their bodies and minds to create a multidimensional theme. The UNO students took them through an entire new modality of thinking about what it means to use their theme and…


WMS Spell Off

Over 20 WMS students competed in the annual WMS Spell Off – the competition was keen this year and these 10 will represent WMS on Friday at the District Bee! Lucy Holan – 1st place Emma Kopetzky – 2nd place Jaxson Steinspring- 3rd place Avery White Davison Kreiling Kidus Tewodros Bronson Sluiter Michael Kinsey Tali Pease Brody Keeling


Mrs. Schulz’s Spanish Classes Visit Filmstreams

Kelly Schulz, Spanish teacher at the Middle School, collaborated and wrote a grant with Filmstreams to take all 200 students in 8th Grade Spanish to see the movie, “Under the Same Moon” at no cost to the student or school. It was an eye-opening educational experience for students to see a culturally relevant movie in the target language with a post film discussion from Dr. Ramon Guerra, PhD, a professor of Latino/Chicano studies at UNO.


Empathy Lessons


This year 7A Social Studies Teacher, April Allen, is devoting two days per quarter in Social Studies class to empathy lessons, and this one was all about finding a “common.” Each period and in HR Miss Allen puts the seating chart on the board and students had to write 1-3 names of people they’ve never spoken to or are not in the same circle of friends. Students then watched the link below and were assigned…


WMS Students Selected For Nebraska Middle School Honor Choir


Congratulations to the following students who were selected for the Nebraska Middle School Honor Choir. Way to go warriors! Elena Rosenblatt Elina Gigantelli Elinor Bowen  Sanaa Slaughter Lina Shukry Ethan NewMeyer Aidan Upton Kidus Tewodros Wyatt Almeida Jack Scioli


Parent/Teacher Conferences-NWEA Growth Reports and NeSA Student Parent Reports

During Parent/Teacher Conferences, parent(s) will receive his/her child’s Fall NWEA Measures of Academic Progress® (MAP®) Growth Report (Grades 3-8) and NeSA Student Report (Students who were in Grades 3-8 in the 2016/2017 school year.) Additional information regarding the NWEA MAP assessment, along with parent resources can be found at and Parent-Guide.


Silent Discussion in 7th Grade Language Arts

Screen Shot 2017-10-07 at 7.35.49 PM

In Ms. Glinski’s 7th grade Language Arts class, students had a silent discussion while reading The Giver. Students read prompts on chart paper that were posted around the classroom and then responded on sticky notes and posted them to the chart paper. This type of discussion allowed all students ample think time to respond to each prompt and it allowed all students an opportunity to share comfortably.


Learning About Digital Footprints in Business & Technology


7th graders in Business and Technology have been learning about there Digital Footprint. They illustrated their own Digital Footprint and shared it with their classmates. On their way to being Safe, Respectful, Responsible Digital Citizens!


Socratic Circles in 8th Grade Language Arts


In Mrs. Baker’s 8th grade Language Arts, students were practicing their discussion skills while participating in a Socratic Circle. Students discussed non-fiction texts that dealt with identity.

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